About Me

Hello and welcome to Aurora Kreativ!

My name is Sara and I’m an artist from Sweden.

This site is for all my creative endeavors which I blog about such as arts and crafts. But I also like to feature other artists works to help them gain more exposure such as for coloring pages/books and other creative works.

I also have a shop where I sell art such has clip art, game assets, templates etc. that I make my self to be of use and enjoyment of others. I also have some free things I make such as content (CC) for the Sims 4 – mainly things that I never seem to be able to find anywhere else that I put in my blog posts!

I also make some other free things that can be of use for others, such as templates, DIY articles and fun games (like board games!) that you can download and print yourself!

I also program in different languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery and am currently learning Python! I also have a love for coding in WordPress!

But ultimately, I am a person that have a liking and for many creative endeavors and as such, can have a difficult time deciding what I want to focus mainly on and tend to lean towards doing many things. I also learn pretty fast so I can gain a new interest pretty quickly. However, I’m a very stubborn person (as I have been told my entire life) and will stick with a project I like doing until it’s finished.

If you are wondering anything, feel free to send me an email. If you have questions regarding any of my products in my shop or how payment works etc. you are very very welcome to contact me and ask me about it and I’ll help in any way I can!
You can contact me on the contact page found under the menu-link “Contact”.


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