About Me

Hello and welcome to Aurora Kreativ!

My name is Sara and I’m an artist from Sweden.

This site is for all my creative endeavors which I blog about such as arts and crafts. But I also like to feature other artists works to help them gain more exposure such as for coloring pages/books and other creative works.

I also have a shop where I sell art such has clip art, game assets, templates etc. that I make my self to be of use and enjoyment of others. I also have some free things I make such as content (CC) for the Sims 4 – mainly things that I never seem to be able to find anywhere else that I put in my blog posts.

That aside, as a person, I wouldn’t even know how to being to describe myself. I’m hoping my blog and site content will speak a bit for what I am like.

If you are wondering anything, feel free to send me an email. You can contact me on the contact page found under the menu-link “Contact”.