This is another post in the series where I share artists coloring pages and books to help spread the love and give some extra exposure for their beautiful works.

This month, I wanted to feature a coloring book I bought called “Smyckeskrinet” in Swedish or “The Jewelery Box” in English, made by an artist named Hanna Karlzon. It’s a beautiful book featuring jewelery as the main theme mixed with some nature, people and objects. The book has a total of 96 colorable pages with a sturdy thicker paper type which is great for durability.
It definitely also has a fantasy vibe to it which I of course have a thing for. 😀

Here’s a few mediums you can find Hanna Karlzon on:
Her website:
Her Etsy shop:
Her facebook:

At the bottom of this post I will link to where you can get the book if you’re interested.

Tools I Used

Coloring pencils I used: bruynzeel 36 colour pencils as well as my faber castell 24 colored pencils. First one is a bit more high end while the second is much cheaper.

The pages I colored so far

The first image is of a page with beautiful flowers displayed one by one. I really quite like this page and I decided I wanted to really make the flowers pop in color more so I colored them in quite opaquely.
However, the photos don’t really do them too much justice though as the colors never come through 100%.

Smyckeskrinet - Featured Coloring Book

Smyckeskrinet Featured Coloring Book

The second coloring page is of a woman with some pretty and fancy head jewelry. I wanted to make it gold and red themed, and the lady herself is, well, outer-worldly with purple skin and purple hair. 🙂 There are plenty more of pretty women in jewelry in the book for those of you who might really like coloring humanoids.
I really like how the page turned out, and the colors came out quite opaque for being coloring pencils! The red almost looks like it was colored with markers, but they’re not!

Smyckeskrinet Featured Coloring Book

Smyckeskrinet Featured Coloring Book

Another page I have colored is one with pretty perfume flasks! They look quite magical, so I wanted to color them that way too. I imagine the pink one at the bottom left corner smells quite wonderful and the middle one in the same row smells like a forest during a bright summer day with blue skies! 😀Smyckeskrinet Featured Coloring Book That’s it for the pages I’ve colored so far! I’m looking forward to coloring more of them for sure. Next I’ll probably color one of the more intricate designs!

Where to get the coloring book

If you’d like to get this coloring book, it’s available in both Swedish stores and international ones. Below is a list of online places you can purchase it. Please note some may not have them in stock at the moment, so make sure to re-check now and then or contact the store to see if they will re-stock! I may add more links to the list if I find more.

Swedish stores


International Stores


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