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If you’d ask me if I like to do coloring books/pages, I’d say yes, yes I do. Although, I’m quite picky with what I choose to buy to color and if the artwork is made by an original artist or not. That’s a subject on it’s own, but you can read more about that in an upcoming post.
I also don’t tend to like coloring pages with too much stuff to color, like, too many shapes or lines. I wouldn’t consider myself a professional ‘colorer’ of coloring pages, I do not really have it as a hobby as such, but I do enjoy it from time to time. As an artist myself, I do like coloring things even if I didn’t make the line-art my self, and I do enjoy supporting other artists as well.

Would I say it’s a ‘calming’ experience to color books or pages as it so often is marketed towards consumers? Hmm… I don’t know. I do not really do it for the relaxation aspect of it, more like, because it’s fun to color. And usually I don’t even do a whole page at once but will color a little bit now and then when I feel like it.

But in any case, I decided to start making blog posts showing what coloring books or pages I’m into/like as a way and means to support artists out there and to share how I color them and such, in case it would be interesting to anyone out there. And this will be the first blog post about one of the first coloring books I ever purchased!

This blog post is dedicated to the coloring book Botanicum by Maria Troll.

These are some mediums online where you can find her:
Her website: https://www.mariatrolle.se/
: https://www.instagram.com/maria_trolle/?hl=sv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariatrolleart/

At the bottom of this post I will link some places in which you can purchase the book if you are interested in getting it.

What tools I use

  • Faber Castell 24 colored pencils
  • Blending stump

The coloring

What I like about Botanicum is that it’s fantasy mixed with nature. Well, it has some of both but it’s mostly nature based hence the name. It also features some buildings of different sorts, all surrounded with nature of sorts as well.

One of the first pages I colored in this book was this one with a little mushroom house with some sort of cute little forest people I presume. Maybe small gnomes of some sort (the hats reminds me of them). They appear to have been collecting acorns and are now in the means of storing them away in their little mushroom shed with a cute snail on top. Perhaps the cute snail is even guarding the acorn stash with his magical powers!

Photo of the coloring page with the mushroom house and the little… gnomes?

I quite like how I ended up coloring it, it’s probably my favorite page in the whole book so far! Even though the pens I used isn’t the most pigmented and smooth ones you’ll find, they do a nice job and does give a nice kind of, light coloring, that probably would fit many people still. I think it also depends on what kind of coloring style your into as well. Sometimes a lighter coloring looks better than a very opaque one. For this page I find that these pencils did very well in any case.

Close up of the coloring page with the little mushroom house and the gnome sitting on the roof, throwing down acorns to the gnome on the ground.

On this particular page I have layered different colors in specific areas such as on the mushroom to give more…hmm.. umph, vibrancy? Not sure what I would call it, but I like doing it as it gives a nice depth to the colors.

Oh and if you wonder what kind of pens I used for this, it’s the Faber Castell coloring pencils that come in 24 shades.

The next coloring page I did is of a lighthouse with a little home next to it with a bridge which I thought was cute. On the bridge is a fisherman or woman, sitting and fishing. As you can see, this page doesn’t have as much line-art filling up the page as the other one had, and I quite like that about this book too. It varies how much space the art takes on a page and how much lines and details it contains. And as I said before, I do tend to be attracted more to pages with a bit less details and lines and more space to color than too many shapes and details. You have a bit of both with this book depending on what you feel like coloring. Right next to this page you can actually see a little snippet of another page with lots of waves in it, which has lots more lines and takes up more of the page.

Lighthouse coloring page with a little fisherman/woman sitting on a bridge fishing.

Where to get the book

I do highly recommend this book for anyone who loves nature of different sorts.
Below are links to where you can get the book. Please not that some of these stores may not have the book in stock at the moment, so it’s always wise to check with them if they will re-stock it or if it was only a temporary item.

Swedish stores:

Adlibris: Botanicum : målarbok
Bokus: Botanicum : målarbok (affiliate link)
Akademibokhandeln: Botanicum : målarbok

International stores:

Printworks: https://www.printworksmarket.com/p/shop/bocker/malarbocker/botanicum-coloring-book.html?market_id=3.
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/616644599/botanicum-by-maria-trolle-from-sweden

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any opinions on this coloring book or this post!