So lately I have been trying to find a budget way to print and stick planner stickers with my inkjet printer, or for that matter, other kinds of stickers without having to buy expensive sticker paper.

I actually picked up a pack of non-permanent smaller matte photo sticker sheets of the size 10×15 cm from a local store here in Sweden to try out. Unfortunately with this specific type of paper, if they happen to get a little bit too much heat, or air, or whatever it is for too long, they start to curl! So I decided to scrap that idea instead of spending more money on trying other ones.

I decided to use ordinary copier paper instead, and try to find a good way to be able to stick them down, non-permanently. Of course, ordinary copier paper wont print as good quality, but I think they turn out pretty good still, as long as you print with proper printer settings and up the printing quality a bit they turn out quite decent.

You can download free planner sticker printables like these at the bottom of this post!

At first I was thinking of double sided tape as a solution for the “sticking” bit of the printables. I had watched a video before of a youtuber using that for making stickers as well but it was difficult finding ones that weren’t too big, because of the sizes of the planner stickers I make, the ordinary double adhesive tapes you can find here is a bit too large, so it would have been a bit of a hassle having to cut them down. I wanted something, if possible, that wouldn’t require as much fiddling. Also, if I was able to find a double sided tape that was small/narrow enough, they’d usually have a permanent adhesive to them, so that was a no go as well.

And then I remembered that I’ve seen youtubers and bloggers mention something something called a taperunner or glue roll as some also call it, and is commonly used by scrapbookers and card-makers. I had thought of buying one before for other crafting reasons, but never did. But now as I was looking for one, I was actually able to find one that fits my criteria.

This specific one is from the brand Pritt, which I only picked up because it was the only brand with non-permanent adhesive available in store here. It cost 49,99 SEK or around 5 USD.

As you press the roller bit down and roll it against the paper, it dispenses an adhesive strip onto the paper for as long as you keep rolling it. It actually works pretty good and dispenses adhesive is quite narrow, so they fit the smallest sizes of printables I made. Only thing that is a bit annoying is if the paper is quite thin you have to be careful that the, for example, planner banner doesn’t stick and roll into the glue roller and gets stuck. It happened a few times before I got the hang of it better, but they were always able to be removed with a bit of a tug without damaging the roller.

It’s been working well for me so far, and I can easily remove the planner stickers I’ve laid out in case I change my mind. They still sit well on the paper, so the adhesive is still very much functional!

Creative Recipe

  • Printer paper of choice (copier, photo paper etc.)
  • Inkjet printer.
  • Non-permanent taperunner/glue roll.
  • Planner sticker printables (see down below for free ones!)


  1. Print out the printables onto a printer paper of your choice. I usually use copier paper as it works well enough for my own use. But you can use matte or glossy photo paper if it suits you better. Remember to adjust the printer settings to suit the paper you’re using and have the quality you’d like. I usually set mine to high quality.
  2. Cut out the stickers with a scissor, exacto-knife + ruler or a paper cutter (or all three if you have them!). I like to cut my square or rectangular stickers with exacto-knife and a ruler to cut straight lines. The round ones I cut with a scissor.
  3. Roll a bit of the non-permanent taperunner/glue roller on the backside of the cut out shape and stick it on the planner/notebook/paper! You don’t necessarily need to make sure the adhesive covers the entire backside of the sticker, just enough to stick to the paper. Experiment to see what suits you best!

Free Printable Planner Stickers

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