It’s already winter again, and Christmas is coming up pretty soon. Wether or not you celebrate Christmas, it can be fun to decorate your place with a few DIY crafts just for the winter season. If you choose to decorate with different warm colors, it can make winter a bit more bearable if you’re not a fan of the cold weather as it gives some warmth visually to your environment. Depending on where you live of course, you may not get much cold weather at this time of year. Doesn’t mean you can’t be decorating too if you want to!

As I have been creating more Christmas themed mockups for my shop, I wanted to make some decorative items that I could use in the photos I make for them but also to use afterwards in my home for decorative viewing!
So I decided to make some fun little miniature decorative christmas gifts.
I actually tried to find if there already were some DIY posts about it out there to get some ideas but, I couldn’t really find any, so I decided to make my own post about it and also create templates you can print and cut out!

This could be a fun project to do with your family or just by yourself really! 😉

What you need

Two sheets of craft paper, the downloadable templates (can be downloaded below), a pair of scissors, glue, a printer and some decorative items to put on the gifts like for example: ribbon, string, stickers, gel pens etc.

Please do not re-upload these anywhere else, but instead, link to this post. Thank you.

Making the decorative gifts

  1. So the first step is to download and print the templates. There’s two images you will want to print onto two A4 sized papers. Each contain two gift packaging templates, one set it of a rectangular shape, and the other is of a square shape. Now, you can of course choose any type of paper that you like for it, however, you will want to use a paper that has a little bit more sturdiness to it than ordinary copier paper, so that it holds together a bit better. In this example I will be using a brown craft paper that came in A4 sheets to print on.
    DIY Miniature Decorative Christmas Gifts
  2. Next step is to cut them out and then fold them according to the dashed lines. Fold inwards so that the lines are on the inside and stays invisible instead of on the outside. DIY Miniature Decorative Christmas Gifts
  3. Glue the two of the connecting edges and let it dry, then you can simply fold the other edges in and they should fit well without having to glue them. However, if you want to make sure the box really stays together you may want to glue all the edges together. If you want to be able to actually use the box to put small things in, leave them unglued.
    DIY Miniature Decorative Christmas Gifts
  4. Next, start decorating them! I recommend using string and/or narrow ribbons. Since the packages are so small, ordinary ribbons will be a bit too thick. You can also put some fun Christmas stickers on them, and kids may like to play around with putting glitter glue on top in different shapes. Perhaps in the shape of a pine tree? 😀

    You can of course also wrap them in wrapping paper of some sort, perhaps you already have it or can find ones with smaller patterns on them or just plain colored ones too.

    Below is a picture of different ways I decorated mine. I chose to use ribbons of different sort and string. One package I also wrapped in a cheap gold gift wrapping I had lying around for other crafts. But let your creativity shine and make them look just the way you like!
    DIY Miniature Decorative Christmas Gifts

If you have a small decorative tree of some sort (could be a DIY tree, a real miniature tree etc.) you could place these underneath or around it for a nice decorative effect!

Thanks for reading, and if you liked this post or have any feedback, please leave a comment below! I love seeing what my readers thinks and how you are planning on using your decorative gifts!