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Update: June – 2020 Since November last year, there’s been a total of 158 downloads of the game! 🙂 However, I have no clue what people think of it as no-one has let me know. I’d love to know how you found it and what you think of it so I can make more games in the future too. Do feel free to come back to this post later on after playing the game and leave a short comment in the comment section below! Thanks!

So I decided I wanted to make my own fantasy board game based on collecting ingredients for making potions since I am a fan of the fantasy genre and thought it would be a fun board game idea. After some research and pondering, I went ahead and made a free printable one that all my site visitors can download, print and play! All in time before the Christmas holidays too. 😉

There’s nothing in the game that would be considered inappropriate for younger players, so you could play with the whole family. Age wise I’d say anyone who is able to read and understand basic game board logic would be able to play this.

I wanted to make sure I made it as printer and budget friendly as possible, so I optimized all art and card sizes so they would use up less paper. If you’re interested in getting this game, then continue reading!

Click HERE to go directly to the download.

So what does the game look like and how do you play it?

Free Printable Fantasy Board Game

Well, it’s a turn based board game where you can be 2-6 players and the goal is to collect different ingredients from different locations to make potions. You can choose before playing if the game will use one or two dices and you move around with game pieces of your choice (get creative!).

You start off with making sure all the right ingredients are in the right locations (according to the manual) and then distribute potion recipe cards evenly to everyone playing. On each potion recipe card, there’s a set of ingredients one must collect in order to be able to make the potion. Then you decide who should be the first one to make a move and then continue clockwise or counterclockwise (up to you really). All game pieces (players) start at the center of the board in the black square.

Once one has collected all ingredients needed for all cards, they have to head back to the start location. The first one back with all recipes completed wins!

However, you can only play one recipe card at the time. Once you have collected all ingredients for one card, you simply take one of your other recipe cards and continue gathering!

The board has a few different icons on some of the steps which means different things when you land on them.

Free Printable Fantasy Board Game

Potion bottle icon marking a location.

The first icon on the board depicts a potion bottle and is connected to a specific location. There are a total of 6 different locations on the board (Gnomeforest, Elvenlands, Ogreswamp, Witches Hut, Lavalake and Waterlands). When you land on one of these, you may take an ingredient card you need from that location. You should look at your recipe card and the manual to be able to tell where the right ingredients are located that you need so you know where to go.

Free Printable Fantasy Board Game

Event icons and teleportation stones.

The second one is an event icon which looks like a question mark. When you land on one of these, you have to pick up an event card. The event cards will give you an event that happened that you need to follow up on, for example, taking a few steps forward or backwards or having an ingredient stolen 😮 to mention a few. The event cards as such can either benefit you or not.

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There’s also teleportation stones as can be seen in the above image as well. They are depicted with blue star icons and if you land on one of these, you may teleport to another teleportation stone that is directly connected to it.

That’s the basics of the game explained! For more detailed information on rules and such, please read the manual that comes with the game download files!

Assembling tips, materials and more

Paper type and size

The game will need 10 A4 papers in total which will have the board and the cards printed on them. The paper type is up to you and how sturdy you want it to be. Depending on how the availability is where you are located, there might be more or less options that are reasonably priced. I went with a basic white cardstock paper which worked great and I believe should be available for a reasonable price in most location in the world. Just make sure to set your specific printer to the right settings in order for it to work. I for example, have an older Canon printer that I set to print on matte photo paper in high quality which works great for me.

You can use ordinary copier paper too but, it wont be as sturdy and will be more transparent and the artwork might not look as good.

The board itself has been sized so that it will fit into 4 A4 sized papers with some margin applied to the sides. The margin was added as some printers, especially the more budget friendly ones, will crop some of the image from the paper when trying to fit it fully with no spaces at the edges. In this case, it would make the board not join up nicely when assembled.

The cards have been aligned with even spacing so that it should be easier to cut them out straight when using, for example, a rotary cutter or exacto-knife or even with a scissor for that matter.

Assembling the board

The board can be taped together on the backside with ordinary tape or masking tape. I like masking tape as it has a nice stick to it but also don’t ruin the paper as much if you accidentally misplace it and want to adjust it. Since it goes on the backside it doesn’t matter if it’s not transparent either.

Game pieces/pawns

You will have to use your own game pieces/pawns so that the players have something to walk around with on the board. You could use a range of different objects lying around in your home, create new ones by crafting them (see ideas below), go to a dollar store/dollar tree type of store and see if they have them or even order some online. If you already own some board games, you may be able to re-use some game pieces from those. You should also have one or two dices. Two dices would most likely be preferable, but you can decide together if you have more than one.

DIY board game pieces made from small pieces of cardstock folded in two.

Some ideas for board game pieces:

  • Lego pieces in different colors.
  • Small pieces of left over cardstock paper folded. Then you could write the initials of each person on them.
  • Cheap wooden jewelry beads like squares, hexagonal etc. painted in different colors (non round so they don’t roll away!) 😆
  • Small decorative stones in different colors.

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That’s it! You can download the image files below. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments section below! Happy gaming!

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