Some time ago I wanted a beach towel looking CC for one of my builds in Sims 4. Not necessarily functional ones (since your sims cant lie or sit down on the ground in Sims 4) but more for the looks. Surprisingly it’s been difficult finding even decorative ones for sims 4, so I decided to make one my self with a few different color/pattern variations.

You could of course just use a simple mat/carpet that the game already provides, but I wanted to make it look more “beach towel-y” with a few fabric folds and my own patterns and colors as well.

And of course, I made them available for download as well! The download button can be found at the bottom of the article.

The beach towel is based on a base game mat, so you don’t have to have any extra game packs installed for this one to work. But be mindful tho, that it is not functional since Sims 4 does not have the right functionality in place for a sim to use it. But if you want a decorative beach towel then this might just be for you! 🙂

For now I’ve only added four swatches/color variations to it, but I probably will add more in the future.
The colors/patterns are made by me.

Here’s some screenshots.

Afternoon daylight screenshot.

Morning screenshot.

NOTE! Please do not re-upload these. If you want to let people know they can get these, refer them to this page instead so they can download it! Thank you.
Also, I’d appreciate if you link back to this page if you decide to use this in a build of yours that you plan to share on your blog/site or in a forum. Not a requirement but highly appreciated.