Since the Sims crew came out with a new Tiny Living stuff pack for the sims, I thought I’d share some build ideas one could make or take inspiration from when making tiny houses! I love tiny houses and the concept of them, and have watched so many youtube videos about them and beautiful pictures. There’s some really talented tiny house designers out there, and some are just ordinary people who decided to build their own as they got tired of the city living. Since people have different tastes for color and shape, there are many creative and different looking tiny houses out there!

As you may know, I created some REAL wheels/tires for the Sims 4 as custom content for when I wanted to make tiny houses on wheels, and they’re available for download here on my blog. They’re only decorative of course as there’s no functionality for traveling included in Sims 4. I wont be including them in my builds as I want them to be downloadable and usable from the Sims 4 Gallery. But go ahead and download them if you want, and use them in your fantastic tiny house builds! 🙂

All builds are available on my Sims 4 gallery under the name Illustratah. You can find links to each of them under the build titles.

So let’s get started!

1. Just Me

Sims 4 gallery name: Just Me – Tiny House, by Illustratah

The first tiny house build in this list, is one that’s perfect for the lone simmer who lives by them-self. It features a bedroom which doubles as a living room with a TV. It has a murphy bed with a couch when folded up, so your sim can sit and watch TV while eating dinner or lie down and watch a movie at evening.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 1 - Bedroom/Living Room

It also has a bathroom, a kitchen and a small workspace with a computer. It’s an open space house where the only doors present is the one to the toilet and the entry door. This makes the house feel more spacious and your sim has some room to move around and perhaps, do their morning yoga or exercise routines.

The bathroom has a shower/bathtub combo for sims who likes taking baths, and features a small toilet that comes with the Tiny Living pack. It also has a bathroom cabinet with a mirror and a sink with some extra storage area underneath.

The kitchen is rather spacious and features a wood-fire stove and a small dining area for two sims. Perfect for when your sim wants to invite someone over for a nice meal or a cup of coffee.

Beside the toilet door is a small desk with a computer so your sim can work from home or relax with a game or two. It’s installed with the latest Sim Technology operative system and has medium storage capacity. Next to it on the wall is also some nice air purifying plants to keep prevent any smells seeping out from the bathroom taking your sims focus away from their work.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 1 - Workspace

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2. The two of us

Sims 4 gallery name: The Two Of Us – Tiny Home, by Illustratah

This is a tiny house that will fit two sims. It comes with one bedroom, kitchen bathroom and office. It also has a hallway with two seats for guests and household members to be able to sit down and take their shoes and outdoor clothing off.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 2 - Hallway

The kitchen has big windows providing beautiful lighting from the daylight sun as you cook and eat. It also has blinds available in case the light gets a bit too strong or you get some unwanted peeping eyes from the outside. It is equipped with the standard kitchen tools and equipment such as a stove, fridge and dish washer.

The office has two desks with two computers as well as storage shelves for your sims important documents and other things they may want to store in their office. The desks face each other, giving your sims some privacy while working on their computers.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 2 - Office

The bedroom features a double bed and two small wardrobes for your sims clothing.

The bathroom, although being rather small, has a modern feel to it with it’s nicely designed interior and high quality floor tiling. It comes with a shower, toilet, sink as well as a storage shelf.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 2 - Bathroom

3. Our Luxury Tiny House

Sims 4 gallery name: Our Luxury Tiny Home, by Illustratah

The third and last one on the list is a tiny house for two with a pretty hedged pathway leading up to the house. It’s got one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and office as well as a pretty outdoor area with a flower garden, grill and seating.

The kitchen has common utilities such as a standard fridge, stove, sink and dish washer. In the kitchen is also the dining area with a spacious table for 4 people. The table is an antique beauty but has been refreshed with new paint and a coating of protective varnish.

The bedroom has a double bed and a medium sized wardrobe for your clothing. The windows let in plenty of daylight for your sim to wake up to in the morning.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 3 - Bedroom

The bathroom, which is connected to the bedroom, has a shower/bath tub combo, a small sink with some extra storage space underneath, a toilet, mirror and a storage shelf for all your bathroom needs.

Sims 4 Tiny House Build 3 - Bathroom

The office has two desks and computers as well as a storage shelf for your sims office needs. The room also features nice big domed windows to the outside yard.

The house has a front veranda with two seats and a small table. If you take the stairs down to the backyard you’ll see a beautiful flower garden as well as space to grow your own vegetables and other plants. It also has seating for up to four people and a grill to make some tasty grilled food during hot summer days.

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