So lately I’ve been wanting to make a tiny house on wheels in The Sims 4 but couldn’t find any appropriate wheel CC anywhere. Tutorials would often show workarounds using wall lamps or other wooden looking type of wheels. They aren’t quite what I wanted and really don’t know why anyone hasn’t made any proper tire type wheel decorations yet, except for older version of the game of course (sims 2 and 3).

It took me a while but I finally decided to make my own! As I have some knowledge in 3D making, I decided to learn how to create things for Sims 4 as I often crave objects that the game lacks that not many or any have created before.

If you wish to use it, you can find a download link at the bottom of this article. And of course, it’s completely free.

I used one of the base game toy car models as the “basis” for creating it as it can be placed on the ground. Other than that, the wheel model and the textures are my own creations.
The wheel only has one high resolution mesh, LOD and textures as it doesn’t really ever pose a problem for me to use the same one. However, if someone would like me to make other resolution ones for any reason, you can leave a comment and let me know.

I wish, as I have for some time, that they would allow transparent foundations to make it looks like it’s an actual tiny house on wheels, but that might not ever become a thing sadly. In this build I instead just used a dark plain one.

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You can download the tire object below and use in your game if you wish. If you decide on showcasing it anywhere (such as when you use it in a build) like on forums or your own blog/site, I would highly appreciate if you’d link back to this site/page to let people know where they can get this. Please do not re-upload the package or the model/textures anywhere but instead, link to this page. Thanks!