On this page you can read the different licenses available for the products in the shop and what you can and can’t do with them. There’s also some Q&A you can browse to see if any questions you may have are answered.

Wordings Explained

“Product/product” refers to the product in question available in the shop which the license is attached to.
“End-product/end-product” refers to a work/creation which incorporates the product in question as well as other materials/resources. Example: The product is a .png image that you put on a books cover. The book is the end-product.

Personal License

The personal license allows you to use the product for personal projects/end-products. That could be for example, to print and hang on your wall, for invitation cards to birthdays or weddings, as a design element on your website or other personal uses. You can not use the product to make other end-products for sale. You may not either re-sell or re-distribute the product for free, modified or not.


Q: I am a teacher and wonder if I can use a product with the personal license for a project in a class I teach?
A: Yes! You and your students may use the product for the purpose of educational school projects where you do not receive money in conjunction with it. You may use it for several classes and different students as well. Please make sure that the students are aware of the license.

Commercial License

The commercial license allows you to use the product for unlimited end-products with unlimited sales of each of those end-products. There’s no restriction on how much you can earn from those end-products. You may not re-sell or re-distribute for free the product as-is.


If you work with a team and want to use a product with the commercial license within the team you may do so without any restrictions on how many you are. However, you may only keep it within your team and not re-distribute to others such as other teams in other divisions of your office or external of your company. If you are unsure of usage for multiple people, please reach out by using the contact form and explain what your situation is to see if it’s OK.

Q: I want to use a product from your shop with the commercial license in an on-demand product such as on Redbubble, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Cafepress etc. Can I do that?
A: Yes! You may do that.

Add-on License

The add-on license is for products that must be used with compatible software in order to be used. You may use a product of this sort to create unlimited end-products for sale with unlimited sales of those end-products. There is no restriction on how much you may earn on those end-products. You may not however, sell the product or re-distribute it for free, even if you modify it. As an example, you may purchase a mockup .psd file from the shop with this license, add things to it such as text and images, and then export the image to use in your shop as a product image, or sell the image itself. But you can not sell or re-distribute for free the mockup file, no matter if you edited it or not.

Q: Can I use a product with the Add-on license to make paid end-products for several different clients?
A: Yes! As long as you don’t sell the product itself to the clients, even if you modified it. You will have to export a final image (such as in a .png or .jpg format) and sell that to the client (does not include assets “as-is” that is included in the add-on).

Help! I’m not sure if I can use a product with a specific license in the way I want to!

No worries, use the contact form available here to contact me with your usage questions and I’ll get back to you!

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