Since I do like puzzles and games, even though I don’t play very often (sigh), I thought it’d be fun to create some printable puzzles my site visitors can download and print for free! These puzzles are a little bit different from an ordinary jigsaw puzzles, and will make your brain work a bit! So if you’re into these kinds of puzzles, keep reading!

Since these are printable puzzles, you can choose yourself how sturdy the pieces should be, by for example, gluing the pieces onto a solid base of some sort. More on this further on in this post.

The aim of these puzzles is about putting together different shapes so that the final shape is that of a hexagon. Some are more difficult to put together and contain more pieces, others are more simple. You can play with your family and friends too if you like!

Printable Hexagon Puzzles

One of the puzzles, all with triangular shapes. All the pieces put together in the right way makes a hexagon!

There are a total of 5 different hexagon puzzles you can print, cut and put together. They all have different shaped pieces and formations so the difficulty varies. It may be fun for growing children and teenagers to try this as it does involve some thinking and figuring things out. And as I always say, it’s not so much about managing to solve the puzzle, it’s about having fun trying! If you then manage to solve it anyways, it’s an extra bonus! 😀

Before you cut out all the pieces, it’s recommended you number each piece of each puzzle to make sure you don’t accidentally mix all the puzzles up. For example, all the pieces of puzzle 1 has a 1 on one side . When you play the puzzle, you probably want to make sure you have the number sides facing down so that it doesn’t make the solving too easy! 😉

Printable Hexagon Puzzles

The download also comes with “cheat sheets” with all the puzzles on them, and each of the puzzles are numbered so you can refer to it if you need to for help. Also it serves to help you number the different puzzles if needed.
In the picture below, I printed the cheat sheets on ordinary copier paper and stapled them together like a pamphlet.

Printable Hexagon Puzzles
Of course, you can just skip numbering them all together and just making sure you keep all the puzzles apart and only do one at a time so they don’t get mixed up.
You can store each puzzle in little plastic cups or any other way you prefer. Perhaps in small zip lock bags.

Printable Hexagon Puzzles

In the pictures above, I’ve printed the pieces on a card-stock paper which means they’re a little more sturdy than with ordinary copier paper. However, if you want to make them even more sturdier and also more “grabbable”, you can glue each piece onto a thicker backing, like for example, cardboard or foam-board. If you want to get even more fancy than that and have scrap wood at home, you may even cut out wooden pieces and use that!

So with that said, you can download all the puzzle pieces and the cheat sheets below!
Enjoy! 🙂

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Please note! This is a free download, but please do not re-upload the files anywhere.You have the right to print and use them for your own and your family or friends personal use, that also includes for educational purposes in schools or in a work environment. But if you want to share these puzzles with others online, link to this page! Thank you for your understanding. 🙂